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Parlem Telecom Companyia de Telecomunicacións, S.A.

Create the first large Catalan telecommunications group.



Alaba, nº 61, 5º 1ª - Barcelona

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Founders Ernest Pérez-Mas

BDO Auditores S.L.P.

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Parlem is a telecommunications operator founded in Catalonia, offering comprehensive mobile phone, internet and landline phone services, which aspires to offer its customers service worldwide.

Telecommunications services require a transmission and access network, for landlines and mobile phones, which operators rent to each other. Therefore, the network is not the key differentiator, since all the operators share both landline and mobile networks with similar coverage throughout Spain.

At Parlem we believe the fundamental factor is customer service: being accessible.

Offering a 4 Play solution that converges in both the residential and business markets.

Parlem Telecom

On the Road to BME Growth

Relevant data

(thousand of Euros)201720182019
Net worth781.0071.847
Net business turnover2.9125.71310.872
Financial debt1.2501.7802.305
Net Profit-951-1.360-457
Average number of employees262826


Investment Rounds

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Business Model

Like most small operators, Parlem is a Virtual Mobile Operator (OMV), which means that it does not have its own coverage network, but works with the mobile and fixed network of other operators with agreements. commercial, in this case with MásMóvil and Orange. Parlem offers and invoices its customers the services provided on third-party infrastructure, therefore without high CAPEX requirements.

Competitive advantage

In a market so competitive and dominated by great players, Parlem differs with a quality service at competitive prices and a communication and service very focused on the niche of the Catalan-speaking market.

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