BME’S Pre Market environment adds three new partners

15 de octubre de 2019

  • The EpM Pre Market Environment (EpM) is a programme for high growth potential businesses which introduces them to the stock market as a financing alternative
  • Already 10 partners accompany EpM companies by showing them their experience and are part of their training

The Management and Monitoring Committee of BME’s Pre Market Environment has agreed to incorporate the following three new partners, which will collaborate in its development: PMS Advisory, Fellow Funders and Foro Pymes Capital.

PMS Advisory is a company formed by professionals with a long track record in the capital markets that, as a Registered Adviser of MAB, provides advisory services to SMEs and REITs in connection with their incorporation and listing process.

Fellow Funders is an online platform dedicated to alternative investment for Spanish SMEs and startups. Through its Equity Crowdfunding fintech model, Fellow Funders channels the capital provided by retail and qualified investors to high growth potential business projects.

Foro Capital Pymes hosts investment forums for Spanish SMEs where prominent national and international investors are in attendance. In 2018 the initiative was awarded as the best alternative financing initiative in Europe for SMEs by the European Commission. In the 47 editions held - where over 320 companies were presented and more than 700 investors attended, the firm managed to raise more than 27 million euros in loans and capital.

With these additions, there are already 10 partners accompanying EpM companies, which show them their experience and are part of their training.

The EpM Pre Market Environment is a training and networking programme created to help start-ups get to know how capital markets work and gain access to retail and institutional investors. Its main objective is to provide companies that join the initiative with the necessary support to reach the level of competence required by the regulations to raise funding through the securities markets managed by BME.

The EpM Pre-Market Environment remains open to more companies and investors on a continuous basis. Among the requirements to access the Environment these must be public limited or limited companies and at least two years old, submit financial statements for the previous year and have a three-year business plan.

The sixth Investor’s Day of the companies that make up the Pre Market Environment will take place in Valencia on November 20th, within the framework of the National Congress of Business Angels.

Further information about the Pre Market Environment is available through the following link:


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