The Pre-Market Environment welcomes four new companies

24 de octubre de 2022

  • Onalabs, Ludium, Vamos and V2C join this initiative, which already comprises 24 companies

The Pre-Market Environment (EpM), BME's acceleration programme within the process of incorporating companies into the financial markets, has grown with the incorporation today of the companies Onalabs, Ludium, Vamos and V2C. The programme now comprises 24 companies.

Onalabs is a company that was born 5 years ago. Thanks to its patented technology that allows the measurement of bioanalytes through sweat and skin, it has created a digital biomarker platform that offers solutions for the new era of personalised telemedicine.

Ludium, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Barcelona, is a company with proprietary R&D and technology for cloud adoption and interactive application streaming. It currently offers AAS streaming services for software. In addition, it has a cloudgaming platform for B2C and B2B with more than 10 projects deployed with international telecommunication companies. Metaverse, virtual events and 3D software complete the company's core business.

Vamos, founded in 2019, is committed to the mission of reinventing end-to-end car ownership through technology, data and customer experience. It is led by an entrepreneurial team, has a team of more than 60 people, offices in Spain and Portugal and is in full expansion in Europe.

Finally, V2C designs and manufactures e-chargers for electric vehicles, which effectively reduces charging time and cost. The company’s R&D is Valencian and it has its own production capacity. It has marketed more than 12,000 e-chargers worldwide and is working on new lines of development - batteries, solar inverters, fast and bidirectional charging - to lead the change in energy consumption in zero emissions homes.

With these four additions, this programme expands its practical training and coaching program for EpM companies. The EpM Pre-Market Environment initiative for new companies and investors is continuous and still open.

For further information about the Pre-Market Environment click here.

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