BME Growth welcomes VANADI COFFEE

20 de julio de 2023

From left to right, Salvador Martí and Vicente Terol during the ringing of the bell 


  • It is the seventh company to go public to this market in 2023

Today BME Growth welcomed VANADI COFFEE. The traditional ringing of the bell held at the Madrid Stock Exchange was led by Vicente Terol, CEO of the company, and Salvador Martí, CEO, who were accompanied by Jesús González Nieto-Márquez, Managing Director of BME Growth.

The company, which is the seventh to debut on this market so far this year and also the seventh to make the leap to BME Growth from the Pre-Market Environment since the birth of this initiative, took as a reference 3.28 euros per share, which implies a total valuation of the company of 20.1 million euros. This price coincides with that established in the valuation report carried out by Gesvalt prior to its incorporation to the market.

"BME Growth already has 139 companies and this number has not stopped rising in recent years. The financial markets provide advantages that no other financing alternative offers: visibility, reputation, transparency, real price at all times and access to specialised investors who are well aware of the peculiarities of small and medium-sized companies", said Jesús González Nieto-Márquez.

The company has started trading under the code “VANA”.

All photos of VANADI COFFEE’s bell ringing are available on Flickr.  

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