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Cansol Energy Solutions S.L.

Development, construction, operation and maintenance of renewable energy facilities


Renewable Energies

c/ San Antón 72- 6ª Planta – Oficina 14 - Granada

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Founders Agustín Solás Navarro

GATT Auditores

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Foro Capital Pymes

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Energy & Future 

We are on the exit ramp of an energy transformation that will be the engine of the post-pandemic economic recovery of our country

Agustín Solás

On the Road to BME Growth

  • 15/04/2018 - Internal Code of Conduct

Relevant data

(thousand of Euros)202020212022*2023*
Net worth3036551.5272.909
Net business turnover3.4317.92015.20322.727
Financial debt9862.3053.0703.926
Net Profit691727681.381
Average number of employees234775100
* Proyection


Business Model

Energy Company from Andalucía, whose origin is to be the leader electrical installer in the national photovoltaic market, and whose growth has allowed it to create its own Development, Engineering, EPC/BoS and O&M departments.

Competitive advantage

More than 1.5GW installed in large-scale photovoltaic plants  have allowed us an exhaustive knowledge of all the life phases of a photovoltaic installation, from its construction to its operation and maintenance.


A market in exponential growth, a portfolio with more than 1.5GW projects finished, a significant market share, a management team with experience in large companies and a total knowledge of all the life phases of a renewable energy installation create the basis for that Cansol can grow continuously and safely

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