Asociación de Parques Científicos y Tecnológicos de España (APTE)

The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) is a non-profit association whose main objective is to drive, by promoting and publicising science and technology parks, the renewal and diversification of production activity, technological progress and economic development.

AtZ Financial Advisors

AtZ Financial Advisors is a financial advisory boutique specialized in renewable energy and infrastructure projects in Spain and Latam. It offers financial advice for M&A processes, for obtaining debt and capital in project financing and restructuring, as well as for M&A operations. AtZ is managed by professionals with a long history in investment banking.

Axon Partners Group

Axon Partners Group (Axon) is a global Investment, Alternative Asset Manager and Advisory firm with a solid track record and presence in over 80 countries. In more than 15 years Axon has managed more than € 550m through different strategies with an average multiple of 3.3x in thirteen exits. It has been named in 2020 by Preqin in the “Top 5” of the firms with the best returns in European alternative assets and in the Top 50 in 2019. Axon's Advisory division works with many of the world's leading companies in telecommunications and energy, as well as advising governments on technology and innovation issues. Axon combines worldwide experience in top-tier VCs, as well as in advisory and consulting, reaffirming as a leading reference firm in the technology sector.

Investor Relations & MarketingMª Victoria Capote


Responsible: Patricia Casado

BerriUp is a private business accelerator in the Basque Country created in 2015 that has helped create more than 80 jobs, has promoted the creation of 23 companies and has another six housed in its San Sebastian headquarters in Zuatzu Business Park.

Big Ban Inversores Privados

Responsible: Carmen Martínez

National association of a private and independent nature, which acts as a meeting point between investors and innovative startups. We promote entrepreneurship and innovation by accompanying our partners in the investment process with startups, connecting and generating synergies between all players. We drive information, training, collaboration and co-investment among partners, so they learn from each other and leverage the collective intelligence of the network.


The Association of executives of the South of Spain, CESUR, is a non-profit, private and independent association, that seeks to improve the socioeconomic, business and educational conditions of the South of Spain. It brings together more than 130 socially responsible companies that seek excellence in their development and the territory in which they are based.

Deloitte Legal

Multinationals need legal advisors who can work across multiple jurisdictions. Deloitte Legal offers holistic guidance to help both with day-to-day legal activities and with corporate events.

Demium Startups

We are an internet business incubator. In Demium we create Startups from scratch, when the idea does not exist nor the team.


Ética is specialized in Social Responsible Investment (ISR), a field in which our Company is a pioneer in Spain. Regulated by the CNMV as a Financial Advisory Firm (Ética Patrimonios), we also offer analysis, design, implementation, evaluation and auditing services for Corporate Social Responsability strategies, CSR (Ética Sostenibilidad). Ética is the only company of the Comunidad Valenciana that has obtained the license of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) in order to operate as a Registered Advisor of the BME Growth, which allows offering services to listed companies or firms that have the aim to be listed in stock markets in the near future (Ética Mercados).

Faraday Venture Partners

Faraday Venture Partners is Spain's most active Private Investors’ Club in innovative startups. Faraday presents the best startup investment opportunities to its Partners, allowing them to invest tickets from € 2,000 exclusively in the companies of their choice. Faraday further handles the formalisation of the investment opportunity and defends its Partners' interests in their investee companies.

Fellow Funders

Fellow Funders is an online alternative investment platform for Spanish SMEs and startups. Through its Equtech Crowdfunding fintech model, Fellow Funders channels the capital contribution by retail and qualified investors to business projects with high growth potential.

Foro Capital Pymes

Foro Capital Pymes organizes investment forums for Spanish SMEs attended by the most important national and international investors. The initiative was awarded in 2018 by the European Commission as the best proposal in Europe for alternative financing for SMEs. In the 47 editions held, where more than 320 companies have been presented and more than 700 investors have attended, the entity has managed to capture more than 27 million euros in loans and capital.


A single firm with a common culture in 13 countries across 4 continents; a natural leader in the main areas of business law; a team dedicated to delivering added value to clients and the most innovative solutions in a constantly changing environment; and the trust of many of the major companies in the markets in which we operate have made us a firm of choice in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

Instituto Español de Analistas Financieros (IEAF)

IEAF is a nonprofit Professional Association specializing in Analysis, Investment, and Financial Management.

Inveready Asset Management

Founded in 2008, Inveready is one of Spain’s leading Asset Management firms. Investing in enabling technology through five specialized verticals (Information Technology, Life Sciences, Venture Debt, Alternative Markets and Private Equity) in companies with a strong technological and innovative component. Up to now, Inveready counts on 150 active companies in its porfolio, +40 exits, and more than € 600M of assets under management. Inveready, headquartered in San Sebastián, has offices in San Sebastián, Barcelona, Madrid and has been recognized on multiple occasions by ASCRI and Preqin for their funds performance and their transactions.

PMS Advisory

PMS ASESORES REGISTRADOS, has been founded by a group of professionals with more than 1500 years of accumulated experience in investment banking, capital markets and strategic consulting, both nationally and internationally. is a crowdfunding platform authorised by the CNMV that brings together entrepreneurs/business leaders who need to raise capital and investors seeking innovative business projects.


Startupxplore is an equity crowdfunding platform that operates as a Digital VC. We launch highly curated investment opportunities in top startups to a +14K investors community (distributed across Europe), where we also invest our own money as also a lead investor with a proven track record is also investing. Startupxplore has one of Europe's highest funding success rate (>94%), and we leverages our technology (investor's dashboard, dealflow analysis, shares manager, automated dataroom) to scale its operations in a cross-border fashion.

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