What is the BME EpM programme?

The programme assists companies in following the path towards the stock markets with training and help in their corporate adaptation, as well as preparing them for compliance with the associated requirements.

The training programme is focused on the stock market with sessions that explain many aspects such as: the changes that companies will need to undergo in terms of their capital structure and corporate governance, the key figures involved in the market admission process, reporting and transparency requirements, and so on. We also examine case studies of how companies become listed on the BME Growth.

In addition, as part of the programme, the companies benefit from the recommendations given by market professionals, which, together with the requirements for remaining in the EpM, these see the companies operate as if were already market listed. It also helps to acquire experience in making financing decisions.

Why choose BME's EpM?

Because it is a programme run and managed by BME, the operator of the Spanish stock markets. Among these are the BME Growth, which is designed for enterprises looking to expand and offers special regulations, costs and processes tailored to their specific needs and characteristics.

Because it gives companies the opportunity to practise and build the capability of meeting listing requirements.

Because there are no exclusivity or permanence requirements.

Because it supports interaction with investors, consultants and experts in the sector, sharing their experience with companies.

When does the registration period begin?

The programme is always open to new applicants at any time, by submitting the request for inclusion and providing the required documentation.

Who is it aimed at? Who is the programme for?

It is aimed at the management teams and shareholders of companies with strong growth potential in various sectors that are considering capital markets as an option to finance their growth, and need help to overcome the entry barriers.

At private and institutional investors interested in investment opportunities in companies with growth potential.

At associations, foundations, business schools, venture capital firms, crowdfunding platforms and other entities interested in working actively with the EpM.

What requirements must companies meet for inclusion?

They must be Limited Liability Companies or corporations, at least 2 years old, with audited annual accounts, a business plan at least 3 years forward and seeking funding of at least €500,000 or have expressed an interest in raising financing via the securities markets.

What year should I audit?

At least the year prior to the application for inclusion.

What role does the Presenting Partner play?

The Presenting Partner advises and assists companies in the fulfilment of the permanence obligations in the Environment.

However, it is not mandatory for inclusion in the Environment and, if you do have one, there is the option to change partner during the permanence period.

As a company, does a Presenting Partner have to introduce me and advise me during the EpM programme?

No, although it is recommended to be assisted by a Partner which is an accredited Business Presenter.

You can always change partners during the programme.

Is there an obligation to remain in the EpM for three years?

We estimate that three years is enough time for the company and its shareholders to acquire enough knowledge and information to properly consider the option of financing through the markets.

However, the company may request to withdraw from the programme at any time or take the plunge on the Stock Exchange.

What are EpM Partners able to do?

They may do any of the following:

  • Take part in the training programme offered by the Pre Market Environment to companies.
  • Introduce companies interested in the Pre Market Environment.
  • Introduce investors (enabling User accreditation).
  • Demonstrate at least three (3) years' experience in consultancy, service provision or training in the field of stock markets or company financing.

Do we have to attend the training sessions in person?

Although face-to-face attendance is recommended, you can attend on-line via the Virtual Classroom.

Are there teaching materials for the subjects?

Yes. The sessions are available to users included in the programme via the training area. In addition, the EpM sends regular emails with knowledge pills of the topics covered in the training sessions.

Where are the training sessions held?

At the dedicated areas provided by the BME Group in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia.

What do companies think of the service? What do they like most and least?

"The information provided has been critical to driving the professionalisation of our company management, giving us peace of mind that we will avoid the pitfalls that we might have succumbed to without the support of the EpM. The different events organised in relation to the EpM, as well as the visibility it provides, open us to a much larger number of potential investors in the next investment round".

Antonio Fernández, CEO, Biomar Institute.

“This is a fantastic programme that is preparing us for listing. The programme provides us with direct access to market experts”.

Alfredo Cebrián, CEO, Cuatrochenta.

“It ensures that we are more transparent with current shareholders and train us for any potential listing”.

Lorenzo García, CEO, The Logic Value.

“It is an opportunity to professionalise the company and help train and prepare the management team to take us to the next level, in addition to providing remarkable visibility for the project”.

Alberto Bordege, CFO, Singularu.

Is there a cost for the companies?

Yes, the cost for inclusion in the Environment and the training programme is 2,800 euros.

The fee for membership of the Environment, use of the facilities and the dissemination resources of BME facilities, is 400 euros per quarter.

However, 100% of the inclusion fee will be reimbursed when joining any of the markets managed by BME.

Is the EpM a market?

The Pre Market Environment is not a market nor has it been conceived as a space in which shares, holdings or assets of any kind may be exchanged between the Participants.

The Pre Market Environment is intended to provide companies with training and guidance on the securities markets. The information provided to the public on the EpM website or as part of the activities carried out under the framework of the Pre Market Environment do not imply a request, an offer or a recommendation for the sale or purchase of securities.

BME is therefore entirely separate from security transactions of any kind issued by the companies included in the Environment, and under no circumstances accepts any responsibility in relation to such transactions.

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