The Pre Market Environment is an ecosystem of natural or legal persons, as well as financial market experts, entrepreneurs, consultants and professionals.

Any party interested in opportunities to invest in companies with growth potential must verify their identity in the user registry.

Get access to an exclusive capital markets training programme, while benefiting from market experts experience and recommendations.

What does being part of the EpM offer me?

It fosters relations between companies, other accredited users and any of the partners.
Specialised training
Access to our training programme, featuring recommendations from market professionals and their insight.
Supporting a deeper understanding of capital markets among users.
Provides exclusive access to regular financial information and the key milestones of our participants, which are innovative companies that are seeking capital, with high growth potential and engaged in entrepreneurial projects. They operate in sectors as diverse as logistics, electronics, aerospace, biotechnology and fintech.
Information on what progress companies have made, mainly in terms of compliance with regulatory requirements in order to remain listed on markets, along with reporting obligations and corporate governance.
Investors Day
Bringing together our companies and investors via seminars, events, conferences and training sessions.
18,000+ interested users
No. of website visitors engaging in at least one session since the EpM programme was launched, including both new users and recurring users.

The Pre Market Environment offers investment opportunities in companies with growth potential.

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