Press Releases

Date Title
20/06/2024 BME Growth welcomes NZI HELMETS
14/05/2024 BME welcomes PKF Attest and Abbaco Markets as new Pre Market Environment Partners
19/03/2024 The BME Pre Market Environment welcomes KeyZell, Pharmamel y OpenWebinars and reaches 25 companies
16/11/2023 BME's Pre-Market Environment incorporates ARMABEX as a partner and NZI Helmets as a company
20/07/2023 BME Growth welcomes VANADI COFFEE
11/07/2023 Pre Market Environment reaches 25 partners after the incorporation of Uría Menéndez
25/01/2023 BME’s Pre-Market Environment reaches 25 companies after welcoming two new ones
15/12/2022 Spanish financial markets bid farewell to 2022 with 18 stock market debuts and more shareholder returns
12/12/2022 BME Growth welcomes Energy Solar Tech
24/11/2022 Spanish securities markets’ 2023 trading calendar
24/10/2022 The Pre-Market Environment welcomes four new companies
30/06/2022 BME’s EpM reaches 45 members following the addition of Cansol, as a company and Norgestion, as a Partner
19/05/2022 GVC Gaesco, as a partner, and Libelium, as a company, join BME’s Pre-Market Environment
16/03/2022 BME’s Pre-Market Environment adds two new partners: Cuatrecasas and Substrate AI
21/12/2021 BME’s Pre-Market Environment added 9 companies and 5 partners in 2021
15/12/2021 The Spanish financial markets bid farewell to 2021 with growth in financing and market value
02/12/2021 Two new companies and a partner join BME’s Pre-Market Environment
22/09/2021 Canaan, Iboardings and Telice join BME’s Pre-Market Environment
14/09/2021 BME launches Braindex, a 100% online financial training platform
20/07/2021 The Pre-Market Environment welcomes Inveready as partner and a new company, Pangeanic

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