Housers, Biomar and Cuatroochenta, the first start-ups to form part of the Pre-Market Environment

25 April, 2017

  • It will begin operating on 12 May 

The first Pre-Market Environment for start-ups, created to improve their access to private investment and understand how the stock exchange works already has its first three participants: Housers (a platform for real estate crowdfunding), Biomar (a biotechnology company that develops natural solutions for the agrofood and human health sector) and Cuatroochenta (a company specialising in the comprehensive development of smartphone applications). The candidates were chosen from among 30 that had applied to be included in the Pre-Market Environment by the Decision-Making and Supervisory Committee (CDS), comprising Big Ban angels and BME, both driving forces behind the initiative. 

"We believe that they are three good examples of start-ups capable of walking along the stock exchange path, but we will be gradually including more", indicated Fernando Ibáñez, Head of the Pre-Market Environment at Big Ban angels, the national association of business angels, who also noted that the projects joining the Environment have particularly valued "the training, experience and knowledge that they will gain prior to entering the market so as to ensure favourable development as well as gaining the opportunity to be known by and have access to private investors". 


Vicente Olmos, BME’s Project Manager, points out that "the training program designed for the startups chosen focuses on the MAB, a market that we believe is suitable for this type of small-cap companies seeking to expand. Thus the program covers topics ranging from the description of the path to the MAB, to the inclusion of a practical case study of a listing, previously going through the key actors in the listing process and the information and transparency requirements. All this, not to mention, references to the official secondary markets and the Mercado Alternativo de Renta Fija (MARF) that will be covered in the first training session.


Housers is a crowdfunding platform that identifies real estate opportunities for its customers through its online marketplace. It aims to position itself as the evolution of pension funds. Housers is located in Madrid, operates online and has 35 employees. It currently operates in Spain, and is aiming to expand its business to Italy and Portugal, and is awaiting its imminent approval and supervision by the CNMV. 


Biomar is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of agrofood, pharmacological and environmental solutions that are bio-marine in nature (microalgae, micro-fungus and micro-bacteria). Its aim is to develop new biopesticides and other biotechnological products using marine microorganisms. Its headquarters is in Leon and it has customers in Europe and the United States, operates globally and has 27 employees.


Cuatroochenta is a company specialising in thedevelopment of applications for smartphonesand tablets and customised advanced programming toimprove work processes. It forms part of the app development sector and has 51 employees.


With the selection of these first three start-ups, everything will be in place for the Pre-Market Environment to begin functioning by 12 May. The first Investor's Day will be held on this day as part of an open day at the Valencia Stock Exchange, in which these first companies will have the opportunity to explain their added value and business plan, and in which investors will be able to have direct contact with them.


As well as providing virtual and physical space at the Valencia Stock Exchange, the participating businesses will receive, along with their shareholders, training on how the markets work. This training will be provided by professionals from BME and will enable them to advance in their compliance with funding requirements.


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