New start-ups in the Pre-Market Environment: Cadel Deinking and Navlandis

19 July, 2017

The Pre-Market already has 5 companies

The Pre-Market Environment (EpM) for start-ups, created to improve access to private funding and help companies discover how the stock market works, continues to grow. Starting in September, the start-ups Cadel Deinking and Navlandis will join following approval by the Steering and Environment Monitoring Committee.

In this case, "these companies are in an earlier stage than the previous batch. They bring very disruptive innovations focused on economic efficiency and respect for the environment," said Fernando Ibáñez, representing Big BanAngels.

Cadel Deinking is a technology company that owns and markets a process for removing printed ink from surfaces and plastic bags, enabling these to be recycled and reducing environmental pollution. It has a share capital of 240,000 euros and 5 workers and operates worldwide. In 2016 its revenues reached 45,000 euros and its projected revenues for 2017 are 1.7 million euros. The company is seeking 800,000 euros in funding.

Navlandis has developed a folding container (Zbox) with which it aspires to revolutionise the world’s maritime transport through environmental sustainability and cost savings. Zbox was presented last July 5 in the Port of Valencia, with sales forecasts of 3,000 units and revenue projections of12 million euros. Navlandis has opened a second round of investment with a value of 400,000 euros and next year it will launch a third, worth 2 million euros, prior to the start of commercialisation. The company has 4 workers and operates globally.

The Pre-Market Environment is continuously ready to welcome more start-ups. The new additions, Cadel Deinking and Navlandis, will be presented in the Valencia Stock Exchange during next Environment’s Investors Day, scheduled for Friday 22 September.

At this moment, the start-ups Biomar, Cuatroochenta and Housers are already part of the EpM. These companies have particularly valued the training, experience and knowledge they will acquire before they come to market to have a positive evolution in it, as well as the visibility and access to private investors that the Environment will afford them.  

About the Pre-Market Environment

The Pre-Market Environment was created in November 2016 by BME and the business angels association, Big Ban Angels, to help new investors gain access to start-ups and promote the functioning of the stock market, in this way enhancing access to private funding.

The requirements for start-ups interested in joining the pre-market environment are, among others:be public limited companies or private limited companies, have been operational for at least 2 years, submit their audited financial statements for the year prior to that of their application, publish their 3-year business plan and be seeking no less than €500,000 in funding or else be in an advanced stage, having expressed interest in raising funding through the markets operated by BME.

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