The Pre-Market Environment welcomes new participants

25 January, 2018

  • Novelties to be presented in Madrid during the 3rd Investor's Day, on February 6th
  • The addition of two new companies strengthens the Environment, which has now seven companies

The 3rd Investor's Day of the companies that make up the Pre-Market Environment – a joint initiative by BME and Big Ban Angels which started in November 2016 to make it easier for start-ups to access capital markets and help them find new investors -  will take place in Madrid next February 6th. For the first time the event will take place in the Madrid Stock Exchange and will bring together key agents in the technological SMEs investment ecosystem.

A novelty about the initiative is that it is going to be open to new partners that have expressed their interest in collaborating with the Pre-Market Environment by supporting the companies’ growth and financing objectives.

During the event, the five companies that are part of the Environment - Biomar, Cuatroochenta, Housers, Navlandis and Cadel Deinking - will talk about their latest developments. Besides, two new companies in the Environment - Embention and The Logic Value – will introduce themselves and present  their projects to the financial community attending the Investor’s Day.

Embention is a technological and highly qualified company that is a leader in the unmanned vehicles sector. The company develops components for UAVs and complete autonomous systems for professional use with a high level of experience in handling unmanned devices. The company employs 29 people and operates in a young market with high growth rates and potential, where authorities across the world are working on the necessary rules and regulations to help them prosper.

The Logic Value carries out research on listed companies, investment funds and fixed income in a single management solution that integrates regulatory reporting. It is a B2B model focused on financial institutions, EAFI and financial advisors with business valuations and data processing that can be implemented in any developed financial market.

"The interest of new institutions and companies in the Environment reflects the attractiveness of the initiative, which allows us to collaborate and join forces to help them in their expansion and growth projects," said Vicente Olmos, Project Manager at BME.

"Not only do start-ups value being helped in the search for new ways of financing, including the stock market, but also training in areas relevant to the evolution of the business and in which entrepreneurs are not usually experts," said Fernando Ibáñez, Head of the Steering and Monitoring Committee.

Regardless of its level of development, the Environment offers SMEs an educational and training programme to provide them with the knowledge necessary to access different financing channels, including access to securities markets.

The Pre-Market Environment remains open and is continuous. Among the requirements to access the Environment they must be public limited or limited companies, be at least two years old, submit financial statements for the previous year and have a three-year business plan.

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