The Pre-Market Environment welcomes 3 new companies

10 May, 2018

  • With Aerox, Demium and Singularu there are now ten companies taking part in the initiative
  • For the first time, two crowdfunding platforms join the initiative with the aim of contributing companies and investors

The fourth Investors’ Day of the companies that make up the Pre-Market Environment (the Environment) will take place tomorrow in Valencia. It is a joint initiative of BME and Big Ban Angels whose goal is to provide companies, start-ups and SMEs with access to capital markets and help them in the search for new investors.

After a thorough selection process, three new companies, namely Aerox, Demium and Singularu, will join the Pre-Market Environment and will be introduced to the investment community.

Aerox is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of innovative adhesives and coatings on wind turbines’ blades. It emerged as a spin-off from the wind power division of QMC, a company that operates on a worldwide scale which has been present in the market of polymers and composites for different industries for more than 30 years. Since its foundation, in 2014, Aerox has become a strategic supplier of some leading manufacturers of wind rotor blades.

Demium is a start-up incubator that explores and connects the best business opportunities at a global level with the best entrepreneurial talent, in this way building innovative, scalable and investable companies. It has three centres 100% focused on developing innovative businesses in the three main Spanish cities (Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona), a vertical dedicated to the video-game industry (Demium Games) and recently another vertical oriented to the development of start-ups that use VRR / AR or mixed (Oarsis).

Singularu is a trendy jewellery brand whose mission is to provide women with fashion accessories at affordable prices. It offers its clients two types of products. On the one hand, they have standardised trendy jewellery, and on the other hand, they offer tailor-made products carrying customised messages or names that are manufactured on demand.

These three companies represent a combined revenue of 7 million euros and employ 55 people. During the programme, their representatives and stakeholders will benefit from group and individual training sessions, technical workshops and presentation sessions with the investment community.

As a novelty, and in order to collaborate towards the objectives of the Environment, the crowdfunding platforms and Startupxplore will also be introduced to the public, an additional platform  that helps companies to achieve their growth and financing objectives.

In addition, during the session the seven companies that are part of the Pre-Market Environment, namely: Cuatroochenta, Housers, Biomar Microbial Technologies, Navlandis, Cadel Deinking, Embention and The Logic Value - which operate in various sectors such as biotechnology, fintech , aeronautics or industrial – will describe their experience and evolution.

The Pre-Market Environment remains open to more companies on a continuous basis. Among the requirements to access the Environment these must be public limited or limited companies and at least two years old, submit financial statements for the previous year and have a three-year business plan.

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