BME’S Pre- Market Environmet to hold its 6th Investor´s Day tomorrow

19 November, 2019

  • The EpM Pre Market Environment (EpM) adds Forner SomHi and welcomes BerriUP and Ética as new partners
  • The Investor’s Day under the BME programme will serve as a meeting and networking point for the companies that make up the EpM

The BME Pre Market Environment (EpM) will tomorrow hold its 6th Investor’s Day in Valencia tomorrow, in which it will bring together all the companies that make up this training and networking programme. This year the EpM brings news, as the Steering and Monitoring Committee has agreed to incorporate Forner SomHi and two new partners: BerriUp and Ética

Forner Grupo Somhi is a nationwide housing developer that relies on a team with over 20 years of experience in the sector. The company’s strategy regards the stock market as an alternative to fund growth. It is the12th company to join the EpM.

Already there are 12 partners in this BME programme. BerriUp is a private business accelerator in the Basque Country created in 2015 that has helped create more than 80 jobs, has promoted the creation of 23 companies and has another six housed in its San Sebastian headquarters in Zuatzu Business Park. Ética is registered by the Spanish stock market supervisor, CNMV, as a Financial Adviser (Ética Patrimonios). It provides CSR strategy research, design, implementation, evaluation and auditing services.

BME’s EpM guides companies to the stock market, providing them with training that allows them to gain further experience for their decisions about funding.

The EpM Pre-Market Environment remains open to more companies and investors on a continuous basis. Among the requirements to access the Environment these must be public limited or limited companies and at least two years old, submit financial statements for the previous year and have a three-year business plan.

Further information about the Pre Market Environment is available through the following link:

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