BME’s Pre-Market Environment adds three new companies and two partners

23 March, 2020

  • These additions mark the start of the Growth segment, aimed at companies with a broader trajectory
  • Already 31 firms make up the programme: 16 companies and 15 partners

The Pre-Market Environment (EpM), BME's programme to help Growth SMEs to get to know the operation of capital markets and provide them with access to private and institutional investors, adds three new companies and two new partners. With these additions 31 firms are already included in this programme, 16 companies and 15 partners.

The three new companies are EOSOL, Parlem Telecom and Neurofix.

EOSOL is a group of energy project services for third parties, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic plants, engineering, technical assistance, design and manufacturing of energy automation, monitoring and control systems.

Parlem Telecom is a telecommunications operator with sales of 11 million euros in 2019 that ranks 200th in the 2020 Financial Times ranking of the 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe.

Finally, Neurofix is ​​a biotechnology company from Salamanca concerned with the development of new treatments for neurological diseases.

The incorporation of these three companies marks the start of the EpM’s Growth segment, which is aimed at companies with a broader trajectory in all types of sectors.

The two new partners of this BME programme are Asociación de Empresarios del Sur de España CESUR (the Association of Entrepreneurs from Southern Spain -CESUR), which seeks to improve business, economic and social conditions in southern Spain, and AtZ Financial Advisors, a financial advisory boutique specialising in renewable energy projects in Spain and Latin America, debt and capital raising in financing operations, restructuring of projects and M&A operations.

The EpM Pre-Market Environment remains open to more companies. Among the requirements to access the Environment these must be public limited or limited companies and at least two years old, submit the audited annual financial statements and a three-year business plan.

Since its birth in 2017, the Pre Market Environment has not stopped growing and is fulfilling its objective of helping companies prepare to make the leap to the stock market and contribute to greater diversification in the financing sources of the Spanish business fabric ”, explained Jesús González Nieto, General Manager of MAB.

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