REGIS-TR UK appoints John Kernan to Board of Directors

15 July, 2020

REGIS-TR UK, the UK company within the European trade repository’s franchise, has appointed John Kernan to the Board of Directors. Kernan will also assume the role of Chief Executive of the company.

John Kernan has already been acting Chief Operating Officer of REGIS-TR UK since April 2019, and a member of the executive management of REGIS-TR since January 2014. He retains his mandate for Business Product Management and Business Development for REGIS-TR, reporting to Managing Director Irene Mermigidis.

Philip Brown, Chairman of the Boards of Directors of both REGIS-TR companies, commented: “I welcome John on the Board of Directors and to the new role. He has a long track record of leadership for REGIS-TR across a number of different mandates and is one of our most senior executive contacts for our clients and partners. His skills and experience will be integral to the success of REGIS-TR UK in a time of increased market need due to fewer available providers”.

The Board of Directors of REGIS-TR UK is completed by Deputy Chairman, Jesús Benito, Thomas Steimann, Mark Gem, and Francisco Nicolás. Thomas Steimann also continues as CEO of REGIS-TR.



REGIS-TR is a leading European trade repository offering reporting services covering all the major European trade repository obligations. In accordance with legislation promoting market transparency, the detail of the trades reported is aggregated to present a composite view of current positions for the benefit of regulatory authorities and market participants. REGIS-TR is open to financial and non-financial companies and institutions. REGIS-TR is a joint-venture of Clearstream (Deutsche Börse Group) and Iberclear (BME Group).

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