JSS Real Estate SOCIMI receives favourable report from BME Growth

22 September, 2020

  • It is the 7th company to list on this BME Market in 2020

The Coordination and Admissions Committee of BME Growth has submitted to the Board of Directors a favourable report on JSS REAL ESTATE SOCIMI, following a thorough review of all the information presented by the company.

The reference value set by the company’s Board of Directors for each of the shares is 11.60 euros, which brings its overall valuation to 58 million euros.

The company’s ticker symbol will be “YJSS”. Renta 4 Corporate is the Registered Adviser while Renta 4 Banco will act as Liquidity Provider.

JSS REAL ESTATE SOCIMI’s activities consist in building a portfolio of real estate assets located in the main cities, which generates sustainable income and provides Investors with a long-term return on the assets´ value.

The Informative Document on JSS REAL ESTATE SOCIMI can be found on BME Growth’s website (https://www.bmegrowth.es/ing/Home.aspx) and contains all the relevant information on the company and its business.

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