Técnicas Reunidas increases its issues in MARF with a new Bond Programme

13 November, 2020

BME's Fixed Income Market, MARF, today admitted to trading a new 100-million-euro Bond Programme from Técnicas Reunidas, with which the company extends its medium and long-term financing capabilities, in this way making progress with the diversification of its financing sources in the capital markets. The company had debuted in this BME fixed income market in October with its first Commercial Paper Programme.

Banca March participates as Coordinating and Placement Entity for the new Bond Programme. Likewise, it is Técnicas Reunidas’ Registered Advisor and the Payment Agent in MARF. The issuer's legal advisor has been law firm Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados.

Técnicas Reunidas is one of the main international engineering companies specialising in industrial projects. Its activity is mainly focused on responding to the demand for energy and environmentally friendly products from a wide spectrum of customers around the world, in accordance with the sustainability requirements of the different countries in which it operates. Técnicas Reunidas currently operates in 35 countries.

During the current fiscal year, Técnicas Reunidas has undertaken various investments related to its operations in the oil, gas and power generation sectors. The Group achieved consolidated sales of 2.8 billion euros in the first nine months of 2020, with EBIT reaching 33.4 million euros. The company is listed on the Stock Exchange and is an IBEX Medium Cap® index constituent.

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