MARF registers a new 55 million-euro bond issue from Greenalia

16 December, 2020

  • With this transaction, the company will replace its previous issues on the Luxembourg MTF and a loan to finance wind farms, and will fund new green projects

Greenalia has registered its first senior bond issue with MARF for an amount of 55 million euros. With the funds raised through this new issue, Greenalia will proceed to the replacement of its previous 15 million-euro bond issues on the Luxembourg MTF, aimed at funding its biomass plant, the replacement of the 18 million-euro loan from Incus Capital for the financing of wind farms and photovoltaic park licenses and the financing of new Eligible Green Projects, in accordance with the Green Bond Principles published by the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA).

The bonds have a nominal value per unit of 100,000 euros, a 4.95% coupon and a term of 5 years, bullet maturity in December 2025, with the option of early repayment at the issuer’s discretion conditioned on the fulfillment of certain conditions provided in the issue’s documentation.

Solventis has acted as the issuer’s Global Coordinator and sole Placement Entity. Banco Sabadell participates as Payment Agent. Solventis will be issuer’s Registered Advisor in MARF.

Axesor Risk Management has issued a rating report in which it grants the issuer a rating of BB- with a stable trend.

Greenalia is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) exclusively with renewable technologies. With more than 20 years of history and origins in the forestry sector, the company’s core activity is the generation and sale of electricity, it being one of the few multi-technology renewable energy companies. Greenalia operates in the wind generation (on-shore and off-shore), solar photovoltaic and biomass areas, where it is vertically integrated from the origin of the raw materials to the production of electrical energy.

In 2019, the Group reached a net turnover of 40.3 million euros and its EBITDA was 3.3 million.

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