BME sponsors Bankinter’s “III Game of Traders” awards through its training courses

10 February, 2021

  • The bank launches a new edition of this game, through which young people can learn how to invest in equities live on the bank's platform.
  • Instituto BME provides the prizes for the winners of the competition, consisting of 12 different courses from its top-level training offering

Bankinter's "III Game of Traders" kicks off on 15th February. BME will participate by sponsoring the prizes for the winners with courses from Instituto BME's training offering. It is a gaming initiative aimed at young people aged between 18 and 30, in which participants gain an insight into investing in the stock market in an environment that simulates market operations as if they were real. During four weeks, participants will be able to carry out unlimited virtual trading operations in the domestic market on the trading platform provided by Bankinter. To this end, they will have 100,000 virtual euros (with no real market value) to trade. They will have to base their decisions on real-time price information and factor in all circumstances associated with the transaction, including trading fees. The aim is to maximise the value of the portfolio by the end of the game, on 12 March.

BME, through its training centre, Instituto BME, is participating in the initiative by providing the prizes for the winners of the challenge.

There are three prizes in the weekly category (for the first, second and third classified in each of the four weeks of the game). In the general ranking, the winner of this III edition of "Game of Traders" will be able to choose one of these two prizes:

-Master's Degree in Financial Markets and Alternative Investments (MFIA), imparted by Instituto BME, with a duration of 615 lecture hours.

-Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence applied to financial markets (MIA-X), imparted by Instituto BME, with a duration of 615 lecture hours.

In addition, all participants will receive a 15% discount on all training offered by Instituto BME. The aim of this sponsorship is to promote financial education and familiarise young people with investing in the stock market, as well as showcasing the diversity of the Spanish market’s companies and sectors.

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