The Pre-Market Environment adds Deloitte Legal as a partner

24 March, 2021

  • The new partner will organise training sessions that will complement this BME programme, which prepares companies to come to market
  • There are now 17 companies and as many partners that form part of this BME initiative

Deloitte Legal joins BME's Pre-Market Environment as a partner, the BME programme that offers assistance to companies looking to enter the financial markets. Deloitte Legal will organise training sessions, which will complement the Pre-Market Environment’s current offering, which provides companies with training and networking with investors.

The aim of this BME initiative is to help companies to familiarise themselves with the functioning of financial markets and  gain access to private and institutional investors. To this end, the 17 companies that form part of the Pre-Market Environment, from all types of sectors, have the support of as many partners who provide them with the necessary training to achieve the level of competence that will enable them to jump into the financial markets.

Jesús González Nieto, General Manager of BME Growth, explains: "The incorporation of Deloitte Legal as a partner is a great boost for the Pre-Market Environment and it will further enrich the training offering we provide to the 17 companies that are preparing to jump into the financial markets in the future".

Francisco Javier Ramírez Arbués, partner at Deloitte Legal, stressed that "we face this new stage with the enthusiasm and responsibility that comes with being part of such a dynamic and thriving ecosystem as the Pre-Market Environment. From Deloitte Legal we will provide professionals of companies in the Pre-Market Environment with agile and rigorous training. Our self-demanding duty to provide the best training to companies will be at its highest level".

The EpM Pre-Market Environment initiative for new companies and investors is still open and continues.

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