The Pre-Market Environment welcomes Inveready as partner and a new company, Pangeanic

20 July, 2021

  • Inveready, one of Spain's leading venture capital firms, will participate as a partner, trainer and potential investor in the project
  • Pangeanic is leader in natural language processing through artificial intelligence

The Pre-Market Environment (EpM), BME's programme for SMEs in expansion to learn how capital markets work and gain access to private and institutional investors, has added Inveready as a new partner and Pangeanic as a participating company. This year, three new partners have joined BME's initiative.

Inveready is one of the leading Venture Capital firms in Spain. It invests through different specialist verticals (Information Technology, Life Sciences, Venture Debt, Alternative Markets and Private Equity) in companies with a strong technological and innovative component. To date, it has 150 active companies in its portfolio, more than 40 successful divestments and over 600 million euros in assets under management.

Inveready is based in San Sebastian, with offices in San Sebastian, Barcelona, Madrid and has been recognised on multiple occasions by ASCRI and Preqin for the return of its funds and transactions. (For more information, visit

Rubén González, Inveready's Investment Director, considers the development of alternative markets to be of vital importance for those SMEs that need external resources to grow and have better access to credit and alternative sources of financing that are more taylored to their particular needs. "Inveready will contribute to the Pre-Market Environment by spreading the virtues of being a listed company and highlighting the benefits of using the convertible bond as an instrument to finance expansion plans," he says.

Pangeanic is a leading provider of natural language processing (NLP) services using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyse language and automate language translation and multilingual content management processes. Through technology, the company drives the creation of data for AI systems in a scalable way, developing the PLN branches: anonymisation, entity or actor recognition within large text candidates, intelligent and user retrainable private translation machines, positive or negative sentiment detection, etc. Its main customers include the European Commission, agencies in several EU countries and the US, and private companies. (For more information, visit 

Manuel Herranz, founder and CEO of Pangeanic, highlights that "with our incorporation to Entorno Pre Mercado we seek to achieve the extra visibility, confidence for investors and the team itself and business growth that will allow us to prepare ourselves to make the leap to financing in the stock markets".

Jesús González Nieto-Márquez, Managing Director of BME Growth, welcomes Pangeanic, "with whom we will work on their path towards BME Growth". He also points out that "the incorporation of Inveready as a partner is a strong boost for the Pre-Market Environment because it enriches its offer to companies that are preparing to make the leap to the financial markets in the future.

BME's objective with the EpM is for companies to become familiar with how financial markets work and to gain access to private and institutional investors who will help them to achieve this goal. To this end, the companies that form part of it, from all types of sectors, have the support of partners specialised in different strategic areas who provide them with the necessary training to achieve the level of competence that will enable them to make the leap into the financial markets. 

The Pre-Market Environment call for new companies and investors is still open and ongoing.

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