Canaan, Iboardings and Telice join BME’s Pre-Market Environment

22 September, 2021

  • By joining, these three companies show investors their innovative capacity, consolidated activity and vision for growth
  • Since its launch, in 2017, already 25 companies have joined this BME programme

BME's Pre-Market Environment (EpM), BME's programme aimed at helping SME growth companies learn how capital markets work and how to gain access to private and institutional investors, has approved the incorporation of the companies Canaan Research & Investments, Iboardings and Telice, in order to assist them in tapping into the securities markets for funding.

Canaan Research & Investments is a business group made up by several companies located in Madrid and Andalusia that focus on different areas of health. It develops high market potential biotechnology projects for the development, validation and commercialisation of new biotechnology products in the fields of molecular diagnostics, untreated neurological diseases, dermatology and hair care, and nutraceuticals. (For more information, visit

Iboardings is an Andalusia-based aviation company that develops innovative solutions for the airport industry. Its technology features computer vision, artificial intelligence, biometrics and the design and manufacture of solutions that solve real problems for airports, airlines and airport handling companies. It is the first company to receive three awards for product innovation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). (For more information, visit

Telice is a well-established company with extensive experience in the railway sector, both in the design, development, installation, testing and maintenance of electrification projects and in railway signalling and communications. It has carried out a large number of major projects for public administrations directly and/or in collaboration with other partners. (For more information, visit

The incorporation of these three companies brings the total number of companies that have joined BME's programme since its launch in 2017 to 25. The aim of this BME initiative is to help companies to familiarise themselves with the functioning of financial markets and  gain access to private and institutional investors who can help them meet this goal. To this end, the companies that form part of the Pre-Market Environment, from all types of sectors, have the support of BME and specialised partners that focus on different strategic areas and who provide them with the necessary training to achieve the level of competence that will enable them to access the financial markets.

The EpM Pre-Market Environment initiative for new companies and investors is still open and continues.

More information about the Pre-Market Environment:

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