BME’s EpM reaches 45 members following the addition of Cansol, as a company and Norgestion, as a Partner

30 June, 2022

  • Cansol is a company concerned with the construction and maintenance of photovoltaic plants
  • Norgestion is a firm that focuses on advising companies and is very active in helping them reach the financial markets.

BME's Pre-Market Environment (EpM), BME's programme aimed at helping SME growth companies learn how capital markets work and how to gain access to private and institutional investors, has expanded its network of collaborators and companies and now comprises 45 members, after adding the company Cansol and Norgestion, as a partner.

Cansol Energy Solutions started operations more than 10 years ago, has more than 100 employees and covers the complete cycle of large renewable energy installations. It started out as an electrical installation company in the domestic photovoltaic market. It currently undertakes its own developments and comprehensive construction contracts for the sector's leading domestic and international developers. Its CEO, Agustín Solás, emphasized: "We are on the launch pad of an energy transformation process that will become the driver of our country’s post-pandemic economic recovery ".

The new partner, Norgestion, is an advisory firm with a strong focus on the securities markets. In addition, it is a Registered Adviser in BME Growth and brings in all its expertise and know-how to help companies that are in the process of going public and their subsequent permanence on the market. For its CEO, José Antonio Barrena: "Joining the markets is a sensitive and usually extraordinary decision, which requires a high degree of internal development and the support of committed and trusted advisors".

With these two new additions, this programme expands its practical training and coaching program for EpM companies. The EpM Pre-Market Environment initiative for new companies and investors is continuous and still open.

More information about the Pre-Market Environment here.

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