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OpenWebinars S.L.

Comprehensive solution for the analysis, development, and measurement of technological skills in businesses



Avenida de la República Argentina 25 - Sevilla

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Founders Manuel Agudo y Jesús Lucas

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OpenWebinars SL (OpenWebinars) is a Seville-based company founded in 2015, specializing in the analysis, development, and measurement of technological skills in companies across Spain and Latin America.

 The leading solution offered by OpenWebinars is based on a methodology that encompasses the various phases of training in upskilling, reskilling, and onboarding processes. This methodology has been successfully applied to more than 250,000 professionals.

 The content and curricula at OpenWebinars are crafted by a team of specialists in their fields: active professionals who face the same challenges daily as the employees of our partners.

 In addition to this B2B business area, OpenWebinars maintains a strong commitment to creating technological talent. As a result of this conviction, it carries out a pioneering CSR action in the sector: OpenWebinars Scholarships. Each year we invest the equivalent of 5.2 million euros in training 17,000 vocational students and 7,000 teachers throughout Spain.

 In this line of empowering young talent, OpenWebinars has created University, a series of courses and master's degrees with university accreditation from UCAM. The initial offering of University includes almost 300 qualifications in areas such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

"We don't know all the skills a professional will need in the future, but we do know that they can improve them at OpenWebinars" (Manuel Agudo, CEO).

Manuel Agudo

On the Road to BME Growth

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(thousand of Euros)202220232024*2025*
Net worth409,6308,17538,431.250,51
Net business turnover1.696,452.007,652.686,93.621,35
Financial debt610,15564,15410,7215,68
Net Profit-36,67-101,48230,26634,88
Average number of employees40414450
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Business Model

The business model of OpenWebinars is based on the analysis, development, and measurement of the technological skills of companies where IT departments have a significant specific weight.

 After analyzing the current state of our potential client's skills, we propose a list of scheduled actions and a series of intermediate checkpoints.

Through our platform, we structure this comprehensive plan: talent is trained following predefined itineraries, and managers receive timely reports on the performance of the trainings.

 Our B2B division operates on a licensing model: a type of subscription not assigned to any specific worker, which can rotate among employees who need it.

Competitive advantage

OpenWebinars has developed a methodology that enables it to launch a large number of high-quality courses quickly and efficiently, resulting in having the best catalog of updated courses available for companies to competently tackle their reskilling, upskilling, and onboarding plans.

 The ability to collaborate with the training teams of its clients to help them overcome their challenges, the high completion rate of the courses, and their outstanding evaluations, are parts of our "secret sauce."


With a model similar to SaaS (Software as a Service), the marginal cost of adding new users is minimal. This model gives us a significant capacity to expand in markets where we already operate, as well as to open new Spanish-speaking markets and launch in other languages thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

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