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Engineering and digital marketing agency specialized in development and generation of online business



Avenida de Santiago 9 Bajo - Ourense

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Founders Jorge Vázquez

Grant Thornton

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VGM Advisory

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Redegal is an engineering and digital marketing agency specialized in development and generation of online business. With more than 17 years of experience in the information technology sector, Redegal has gone from developing web projects to focus its activity on online sales, offering a range of services that fully cover all the short, medium, and long term needs of a brand that wants to create or grow its business online: consultancy, website and e-commerce development, mobile apps development, management of presence in marketplaces, digital marketing services, integrations, cloud computing, innovation and development...

The Internet has shown us how to constantly set new goals for ourselves, because digitalization knows no limits or distances.

Jorge Vázquez
Founder and CEO

Relevant data

(thousand of Euros)2019202020212022*
Net worth1.189,421.533,6360,296.586,32
Net business turnover4.778,45.046,95.977,0410.226,29
Financial debt5.780,646.663,943.161,935.533,17
Net Profit101,5506,96364,96451,32
Average number of employees7274104155
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Business Model

Consultancy, development and digital marketing for e-commerce companies.

Competitive advantage

Our team knows the market very well, can identify good business opportunities and interpret customer needs in order to offer them the best technological solutions and tools to achieve their business objectives.


Our experience in different sectors enables us to offer solutions and processes adapted and customized with proven results. We also have a team and activity in several markets, particularly in Spain and Mexico.

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