How to become a EpM partner

Our partners are associations, foundations, business schools, venture capital firms, crowdfunding platforms and other entities interested in actively collaborating to support the goals of the Pre Market Environment.

Principal functions

  • Introducing companies interested in the Pre Market Environment.
  • Taking part in the training programme offered by the Pre Market Environment to companies.
  • Introducing investors (supporting user accreditation).

Benefits of being a EpM partner


Partners may include their status as a Pre Market Pre Market Environment partner in commercial information.


Partners may send any content to the Pre Market Environment that may be of interest to companies and users in their own name. This content will be published on the EpM website.


Involvement in networking events organised by the Pre Market Environment : Seminars, events, conferences and training sessions

How do I become a Partner of the Pre Market Environment?

Proven experience

Demonstrate at least three (3) years' experience in consultancy, service provision or training in the field of stock markets or company financing.

Partners introducing companies must assess the suitability of the companies interested in joining the EpM, providing them with consultancy and training on how to prepare and submit regular reporting and fulfil their obligations.

The partner's membership must be approved by the Pre Market Environment Management and Monitoring Committee.

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