How to become a EpM company

The startups and SMEs taking part in the Pre Market Environment are companies with high growth potential that are considering capital market financing for their business projects and need help to overcome entry barriers.

The EpM programme is aimed at management teams, shareholders, partners and professionals who provide services to companies.

Confidence and support

There are no exclusivity or permanence requirements for the Pre Market Environment programme. With advice from BME professionals, companies can decide the best time to participate in the EpM and the duration of their programme.

The five steps to taking your business to the next level:

Be a Limited Liability Company or corporation.
Have the audited financial accounts from the previous year (or commit to auditing them within 90 days).
Business forecasts and estimates for the next 3 years.
A minimum of two (2) years must have passed since the deeds of incorporation were executed.
Funding needs of at least €0.5 million or holding an advanced position and having expressed interest in raising financing via securities markets.

If you are ready, submit the application for inclusion in the Pre Market Environment, describing the business of the company, together with supporting documentation for the above points.

Welcome to the EpM.

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